Portfolio Items

Rob Jette By Roger Cremers 2020

Rob Jetten

Portrait of Dutch politician serving as party leader of the Democrats 66 Rob Jette for NRC Handelsblad
Theo Hiddema in NRC Handelsblad by Roger Cremers 2020

Theo Hiddema

Portrait of Dutch lawyer and Forum voor Democratie politician Theo Hiddema for NRC Handelsblad.
Selma van de Perre by Roger Cremers 2020

Selma van de Perre

Portrait of dutch resistance fighter Selma van de Perre
Jonathan Safran Foer by Roger Cremers 2019

Jonathan Safran Foer

Portrait of American novelist Jonathan Safran Foer for NRC Handelsblad Cultureel Supplement by Roger Cremers 2019
Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine by Roger Cremers 2019

Robert Kyagulanyi

Portrait of Ugandan politician, musician, freedom fighter Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine.
Sjarrel de Charon by Roger Cremers 2019

Sjarrel de Charon

Portrait of former Facebook employee Sjarrel de Charon who wrote a book about his work as content moderator for Facebook and Instagram.
Soraya Chemaly by Roger Cremers 2019

Soraya Chemaly

Portrait of feminist activist and writer Soraya Chemaly in NRC Handelsblad
Lizzo by Roger Cremers 2019


Portrait of American rapper and singer Lizzo for NRC Handelsblad.
Étienne Balibar by Roger Cremers 2019

Étienne Balibar

Portrait of philosopher and Emeritus Professor Etienne Balibar in NRC Handelsblad 2019
Solafa Saad by Roger Cremers 2019

Solafa Saad

Portrait of Sudanese activist Solafa Saad for NRC Handelsblad by portrait photographer Roger Cremers 2019