Portfolio Items

Japie Stoppelenburg by Roger Cremers 2017

Japie Stoppelenburg

Portrait of Japie Stoppelenburg, creative director by Friend of Mine for NRC Handelsblad
Sonja Barend by Roger Cremers 2017

Sonja Barend

Portret van televisie presentatrice Sonja Barend bij interview met Coen Verbraak in het NRC Handelsblad.
Nathalie Baartman by Roger Cremers 2017

Nathalie Baartman

Portrait of Comedian and writer Nathalie Baartman in NRC Handelsblad Cultureel Supplement
Beatrix Ruf by Roger Cremers 2016

Beatrix Ruf

Portrait of Beatrix Ruf - the director of the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam - for NRC Handelsblad Cultureel Supplement.
Sandy Wenderhold by Roger Cremers 2016

Sandy Wenderhold

Portrait of Sandy Wenderhold, Dutch businesswoman and sole shareholder of porn publishing group Sansyl to Uitgeest.
Nederland, Amsterdam, 30-08-2016 Hisham Matar‎‎ is a Libyan writer. PHOTO AND COPYRIGHT ROGER CREMERS

Hisham Matar‎‎

Portrait of Libyan writer Hisham Matar‎‎ published in NRC Handelsblad 2016
Chris Kraus by Roger Cremers 2016

Chris Kraus

Portrait of American writer and filmmaker Chris Kraus.
Nederland, Amsterdam, 11-05-2016 Meg Rosoff, American writer based in London, United Kingdom. PHOTO AND COPYRIGHT ROGER CREMERS

Meg Rosoff

Portrait of London based American Fiction writer Meg Rosoff in NRC Handelsblad Boeken. Cover and featured image.
Portrait of Arjan Visser by Roger Cremers 2016

Arjan Visser

Portrait of writer and journalist Arjan Visser in NRC Next
Portrait of Richard Koo by Roger Cremers 2016

Richard Koo

Portrait of Chief Economist at the Nomura Research Institute Richard Koo in NRC Handelsblad 2016