Portfolio Items

Lizzo by Roger Cremers 2019


Portrait of American rapper and singer Lizzo for NRC Handelsblad.
Étienne Balibar by Roger Cremers 2019

Étienne Balibar

Portrait of philosopher and Emeritus Professor Etienne Balibar in NRC Handelsblad 2019
Solafa Saad by Roger Cremers 2019

Solafa Saad

Portrait of Sudanese activist Solafa Saad for NRC Handelsblad by portrait photographer Roger Cremers 2019
Richard Sennett by Roger Cremers 2018

Richard Sennett

Portrait of Sociology Professor Richard Sennett for NRC Handelsblad.
Jan Beuving by Roger Cremers 2018
Neelie Kroes by Roger Cremers 2018

Neelie Kroes

Portrait of Neelie Kroes for NRC Handelsblad by Roger Cremers 2018
Portrait of Dido Masilo by Roger Cremers 2018

Dido Masilo

Portrait of South African dancer and choreographer Dada Masilo for NRC Handelsblad Cultureel Supplement. Photo by Roger Cremers 2018a
Jan Leyers by Roger Cremers 2018

Jan Leyers

Portrait of singer, songwriter, author and television personality Jan Leyers for NRC Handelsblad
Ime Archibong by Roger Cremers 2018

Ime Archibong

Portrait of Facebook partner Ime Archibong for NRC Handelsblad 2018
Tara Westover by Roger Cremers 2018

Tara Westover

Portrait American historian and author Tara Westover.