Portfolio Items

Douwe Bob Posthuma by Roger Cremers 2012

Douwe Bob

Interview portret van singer/songwriter Douwe Bob in NRC Next
Kendrick Lamar by Roger Cremers 2012

Kendrick Lamar

Portrait of American rapper and songwriter Kendrick Lamar for NRC Handelsblad Cultureel Supplement 2012
E.L. James by Roger Cremers 2012

E.L. James

Portrait of Fifty shades of grey author E.L. James
Halbe Zijlstra by Roger Cremers

Halbe Zijlstra

Interview portret van Halbe Zijlstra in NRC Handelsblad
Redmond O'Hanlon by Roger Cremers

Redmond o’Hanlon

Portrait of Redmond O'Hanlon in Intermediair
Nederland, Amsterdam, 30-05-2012 Teju Cole, Nigerian-American writer, photographer, and art historian PHOTO AND COPYRIGHT ROGER CREMERS

Teju Cole

Interview portrait of Teju Cole in NRC Handelsblad
Charlotte Mutsaers by Roger Cremers

Charlotte Mutsaers

Portret van kunstenaar Charlotte Mutsaers in de groene amsterdammer
Walter Lewin by Roger Cremers 2012

Walter Lewin

Walter Lewin is a Dutch astrophysicist and former professor of physics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
Daniel Ropers by Roger Cremers

Daniel Ropers

Daniel Ropers - Managing Director at bol.com - for NRC Handelsblad
Arjen Lubach by Roger Cremers

Arjen Lubach

Interview portret van Arjen Lubach in NRC Next.